31 May 2011

Review: The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

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The Day Before

  Title: The Day Before                      Pages: 320 
  Author: Lisa Schroeder                   Source: GalleyGrab
  Publisher: Simon Pulse                  Published: Jun 28, 2011
  Series: Standalone                         Purchase: Amazon
  Rating: 4 out of 5

Amber learned some unsettling news that is threatening to tear her life and family apart. She can't take anymore of it, so she escapes to the beach for a day to herself.

While at the aquarium next to the beach, she meets Cade. There's an instant spark. There's something mysterious about Cade, but Amber promises him she won't ask. Today is about having a good time without complications getting in the way.

But as the day goes on, Amber gets more and more curious and more clues start revealing themselves about what's really going on with Cade. What's more, she's determined to give a good day and to find out what's bugging him.

The Day Before is written in verse, a type of writing I've never read, so it was quite the experience. It takes some getting used to and it certainly flies by quickly. I read The Day Before in about two and a half hours or less.

Like previously stated, I devoured The Day Before in one sitting. It was a fast and fun summer romance read.

The characters were great, if a tad bit under developed. I would have loved if Lisa Schroeder would have went more in depth with Amber and Cade, but the fact that she didn't wasn't a huge disappointment for me. I went into the story with no expectations, so I wasn't expecting a long, incredibly in depth book. This is no way a negative about The Day Before, however. Like I said, the fact that they weren't in depth characters didn't bother me as much, because I knew it was just a short, fun, fluff type romance novel, which I love from time to time.

If you love those types of books, like I do, certainly read this one! You'll most likely finish it within two or three hours. Who wouldn't love a book you could pick up and read in that amount of time?

The writing was phenomenal and was almost lyrical. Schroeder describes the setting perfectly. Her writing brings a smile to my face with its simple, yet poetic way of flowing. The romance was wonderful, and Amber and Cade were absolutely adorable together. They carried a coin everywhere they went on the beach to decide what to do next. Heads they throw glitter in the air, tails they fly a kite. Schroeder's dialogue for Amber and Cade was brilliant and realistic.

The plot was of course a tad predictable, as all fluffy romance reads are, but in a way that was like slipping into a warm bath. It's comfortable and you expect the warmth and it makes you smile. The Day Before was exactly like a warm bath for me.

Over all, I really liked The Day Before and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great, fast, and fun summer romance read or anyone that loves novels in verse.


I give The Day Before a 4 out of 5.


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