About Me

My name is Meghan and I love to read and I like big cups of tea (that last part was added because it rhymed and I kinda laughed to myself).

I am 18 years old and my birthday is April 29th, 1993. I don't have a job right now (I have no funds for books, so I use the library and contests and stuff), so babysitting is my main income (or borrowing money from my boyfriend... :P).

Another random fact: I can lick my elbow! So true! I don't have a picture, though, otherwise I so would upload it.

Uh.. I really don't know what to put here... I want to go to college to be a Vet Tech and I have plans of later going to school for Veterinary Medicine. I also would like to get a book published someday.

I have three lovely dogs (Maizey, Buddy, and Boston) and a wonderful boyfriend. I live in Northern Illinois, but I'd like to move to Madison, WI someday (soo pretty there! And the people are beyond nice!).

I'm a really friendly person, but I am anti-social at times, so if you wanna talk or be friends or something, feel free to email me! Yeah, that is all I guess. Goodbye :).

Contact me: meghan.booksandtea@gmail.com
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