10 July 2012

Review: Don't You Wish by Roxanne St. Claire

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  Title: Don't You Wish                               Pages: 368
  Author: Roxanne St. Claire                    Source: Netgalley
  Publisher: Delacorte Books                  Published: July 10, 2012
  Series: N/A                                                Purchase: Amazon
When plain and unpopular Annie Nutter gets zapped by one of her dad's whacked-out inventions, she lands in a parallel universe where her life becomes picture-perfect. Now she's Ayla Monroe, daughter of the same mother but a different father—and she's the gorgeous, rich queen bee of her high school.

In this universe, Ayla lives in glitzy Miami instead of dreary Pittsburgh and has beaucoup bucks, courtesy of her billionaire—if usually absent—father. Her friends hit the clubs, party backstage at concerts, and take risks that are exhilarating... and illegal. Here she's got a date to lose her V-card with the hottest guy she's ever seen.

But on the inside, Ayla is still Annie.

So when she's offered the chance to leave the dream life and head home to Pittsburgh, will she take it?

The choice isn't as simple as you think.
I don't usually like contemporary novels, simply because I prefer the excitement of paranormal or dystopian novels. Don't You Wish was plenty full of excitement, however, and I loved it.

I really liked Annie. She was so nice and seemed like someone I would hang out with. The only time she annoyed me, though, was when she tried to act like Ayla - stuck up and bitchy. She only did this, though, because she thought she was going to wake up and find it was all a dream, and she does make up for it later, so I totally forgive her for this.

I really enjoyed witnessing Annie grow up and realize she was taking her family and friends for granted. She thought this new dream family was perfect at first and then realized what she had was so much better, even if she didn't have all the money in the world like Ayla. Unlike Ayla, she had a family that loved and cared about her.

I loved Charlie. He was such a good person and such a great brother. Roxanne St. Claire wrote their romance with ease and it left me feeling giddy.

The writing was pretty simple, but the plot was not. In a good way, of course. How Annie's switching of bodies was explained was incredibly brilliant and not something I would have guessed in a million years and when it was all said and done, I was not left confused.

Which brings me to the ending. The ending was absolutely incredible. It was so adorable and I may or may not have let out a squeal at the utter cuteness of it.

Overall, Don't You Wish was a fun and fast read. I loved the story and message Roxanne St. Claire came up with and I would recommend to any fans of the contemporary genre.

Pass or Read? I would definitely say try this one out!

Cover thoughts: I quite like this cover. Of course, it doesn't have much to do with the story, as it's just a girl, but it appeals to me and I really like the font.


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