Review Policy

I currently cannot review every book I read (but I do try!), therefore I'd like to include the disclaimer that I may not get to your novel when you want or at all. My reviews are honest reviews and I tell why I liked or didn't like the novel. I will not give a good review if I did not like the book, simple as that.

Genres: I currently only accept Young Adult and Middle-Grade fiction novels.

My favorite sub-genres for YA are dystopian, mystery/thriller, and paranormal romance, though I also like contemporary. I accept any genre of YA, excluding religious/Christian and overly political novels. If you're unsure if your novel fits this guideline, it never hurts to ask.

For Middle-Grade, I will only accept adventure fiction, with some exceptions (again, it never hurts to ask).

Series: I will accept series books, but I ask that you be patient with the review, as I will have to find the book's predecessors to read. I will tell you if I have not read the previous books and we can work a schedule out.

Publishing: I do not currently accept self published novels.

Type: I currently accept printed ARCs, finished books, and ebooks (as long as they comply with the publishing criteria).

Review Format: I will format my review with the book's cover art, the details of the book (author, publisher, publish date, number of pages, link to buy novel, etc.), the synopsis, and the review.

Note: I do not rate my reviews anymore, because I find the ratings too confining. If you cannot figure out whether I liked a book or not by my review, then I didn't express my opinion well enough and this is my own fault.

Contests/Interviews: I'm more than happy to host a contest or an interview. I will also do guest posts.

-I have the right to decline any books I don't think I'd be interested in or for any other reason I see fit.
-I have the right to not reply to review requests that do not address me by name or by my blog. This also goes for mass emails and emails not put together well, or emails that totally disregard my review policy.
-I have the right to not finish a book if I do not enjoy it. If you would still like me to review an unfinished book, I gladly will.

Anything else I haven't mentioned, or if you're interested in me reviewing a book, email me at

Disclosure: All books received for review are exchanged for an honest review and no monetary compensation is received. My reviews are also not effected in anyway by the source of the book.

I hate review policies, because I come off sounding so harsh. I promise I'm actually very friendly :).

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